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International Portfolio Review and
Meeting Place® for Photographers


Lens Culture FotoFest Paris brings together serious photographers and international photography experts for 3 full days of productive, stimulating portfolio reviews and one-to-one meetings. In 2013, more than 175 photographers and reviewers came from 40 countries to participate. It was a great success!

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Lens Culture FotoFest Paris offers all participants tremendous opportunities to share knowledge, connections and insights.

Participating photographers will get expert feedback about their work and have the possibility of getting editorial assignments, book publication contracts, art gallery representation, and feature articles in magazines, online and in print.

The one-to-one meetings with influential decision-makers in the photography field offer photographers opportunities to advance their career development and connect them to people who can help them with artistic and business goals.

In turn, the invited reviewers — museum curators, gallery owners, festival directors, publishers, representatives from photo agencies — will have the chance to discover new talent as well as the latest work of photographers who are already established.

Lens Culture FotoFest Paris takes place immediately before Paris Photo — the world’s largest international fair and marketplace for contemporary photography.

Paris is one of the world's capitals for photography, so there is always lots of inspiration to be discovered in galleries, museums and other venues throughout the city, as well.

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Lens Culture FotoFest Paris 2012 was the third annual collaboration between FotoFest International and Lens Culture. It will be hosted again in 2013 at Spéos Paris Photographic Institute.

The Paris portfolio review is modeled on FotoFest’s internationally respected Meeting Place® portfolio review that FotoFest pioneered more than 20 years ago in Houston. Over the past 20 years — in Houston, as well as in dozens of other cities worldwide — similar professional reviews have been the catalysts for exhibitions, publications, and wider acclaim for many artists.

Lens Culture FotoFest Paris is the only large-scale international review of this format in Paris.