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Reviewer biographies

These 52 international photography experts will be reviewing portfolios at Lens Culture FotoFest Paris 2011.

Soraya Amrane & Lucille Lagier
Atelier de Visu
Marseilles, France

Lucille Lagier has been working for Atelier de visu since 2005. Her main responsibilities are international projects and in-house publications.

In 2008, she began managing a workshop residency programme organized in collaboration with international photography schools. The residency takes place in Marseille and includes a 12-day workshop directed by Antoine d'Agata, a group exhibition, and the publication of a photography anthology.

Lucille Lagier also organizes "La librarie passagère" event each year, where the gallery is transformed into a photography bookshop for a month. Additionally, she collaborates with Soraya Amrane to curate and schedule the gallery’s exhibitions, residencies, and workshop programmes. Lucille Lagier has been reviewing portfolios at the Arles Photography Festival since 2005.

Lucille speaks both English and French.

Soraya Amrane est la directrice de l'Atelier de Visu à Marseille. Fondé en 1998 avec Antoine d'Agata (Magnum Photos), l'Atelier de Visu est une structure associative exclusivement dédiée à la photographie, bénéficiant des soutiens des institutions locales et régionales. Depuis sa création, son projet artistique principal, renouvelé chaque année, est de réaliser une programmation associant à de jeunes auteurs, des artistes de renom, une volonté forte de soutenir et promouvoir les talents à découvrir et d'offrir au public une visibilité sur le paysage photographique national et international. Galerie et résidence d'artistes, l'Atelier de Visu propose des expositions monographiques et collectives, des projections avec débats, des workshops (J.H. Engström, Klaudij Sluban, Dolorès Marat...), ainsi que des résidences in-situ et l'édition de livres de photographie (ouvrages collectives, Arja Hyytiainen, Antoine d'Agata...).

Dans le cadre de la galerie, Soraya Amrane propose des séances d'éditing hebdomadaires.

Mme Amrane est présente aux Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie d'Arles pour des lectures de porte-folios. Elle participe au jury de plusieurs commissions régionales d'attribution de bourses aux artistes.

En tant que lectrice de porte-folios, elle offre aux participants un regard professionnel et critique visant à renforcer la cohérence de leur projet artistique,elle s'interresse de préférence aux projets personnels en cours de réalisation ou finalisés,elle ne s'intérresse pas à la photographie commerciale, ni à  la photographie de presse.

Mme Amrane peut offrir des contacts, des conseils et une participation eventuelle à des projets de résidence ou d'exposition.

Mme Amrane ne parle que le français.

Daphné Anglès
(Reviewing 8 November only)
European Picture Co-ordinator, New York Times
Paris, France

Daphné Anglès has worked for The New York Times in Paris, France for over twenty years as European picture coordinator, assigning photographers for publication in The New York Times, The International Herald Tribune and the NYT on the Web.

Daphné is currently the Secretary to the World Press Photo’s annual jury. She has taken part in the juries of Bayeux, Visa pour l’Image, Estação Imagem, Bourse FNAC, and is a nominator for Prix Pictet. She regularly curates photography exhibitions at Galerie Dupon in Paris.

At Lens Culture FotoFest Paris she is interested in seeing journalistic and documentary work, looking for strong stories and styles. She is always on the lookout for new talents to enrich her papers' pages and coverage. Daphné can help photographers with advice about approaching a subject, editing their work and presenting their portfolios.


Fred Baldwin
Co-Founder, FotoFest

Houston, Texas, USA

Fred is co-founder of FotoFest, a non-profit, art and educational event that has been active since 1986. He is an international free-lance photojournalist, documentary photographer and teacher. He is interested in reviewing all types of photography from documentary to conceptual.

Fred is not interested in reviewing commercial, portrait or wedding photography. He can offer photographers the benefits accrued from 25 years experience of looking for work for FotoFest and working internationally.


Pavel Banka
Chief Editor, Co-Founder

Prague, Czech Republic

FOTOGRAF is an international magazine on photography and visual culture, published in both Czech and English languages.

Pavel Banka co-founded FOTOGRAF magazine in 2002, and has been chief editor since then. FOTOGRAF is a semi-annual comprehensive 120-page magazine that publishes the work of photographers and other artists working in photography and related arts.

Mr. Banka is most interested in seeing work which is personal, innovative and attempts to open the range of photography toward a new perspective of contemporary art. There are no restrictions for the subject of work; only the originality and the freshness are important! Portfolio reviews have always been a great source of new artists to be published in FOTOGRAF magazine. Mr. Banka looks forward to seeing the artists who will bring a new vision to the contemporary photography art scene. Interesting work is likely to be published, and opportunites for exhibition in the Czech Republic may open up.

Banka speaks Czech and English.



Alexa Becker
Acquisitions Editor, Kehrer Verlag
Heidelberg, Germany

Alexa Becker is the acquisitions editor for photography and art books for Kehrer Verlag, Heidelberg (Germany).  Having obtained her Master's in Art History from the University of Heidelberg, she started her career at Kehrer in 2003, where she is responsible for selecting and acquiring new photography-related projects.  Alexa Becker also initiated the "Trouvés" series at Kehrer Verlag, which features handmade photobooks and objects.

Ms. Becker provides artistic and marketing advice for photographers concerning the content and style of their work, for example at the internationally renowned Frankfurt Book Fair.  She enjoys helping photographers and others appreciate the special qualities present in their work - in particular discovering novel, genuine visions of the world.

Ms. Becker offers the point of view of a European art book publisher and is familiar with the overall art and photography market.  As an acquiring editor for Kehrer, she is interested in projects that are based in a personal approach by the photographer towards the subject matter, without it being evidently biographical.

Ms. Becker is interested in seeing any of the above-mentioned types of projects.  She is not open to seeing commercial portfolios.

Ms. Becker speaks English and German.



Nathalie Belayche (Reviewing 7 November only)
Gallery manager and curatorial assistant, Baudoin Lebon Gallery
Founder, Artistic Director, Food For Your Eyes

Paris, France

Nathalie Belayche is the gallery manager and curatorial assistant at Baudoin Lebon Gallery in Paris , a gallery that specializes in photography and represents a wide range of photographers (such as Lisette Model, Joel Peter Witkin, Mathieu Bernard-Reymond, Christian Courreges). She is the curator of "Synchronicity," an exhibition gathering together 10 contemporary African photographers currently presented at the Baudoin Lebon Gallery, in partnership with Photoquai, the 3rd Biennale of World Images.

Nathalie is the founder and artistic director of Food For Your Eyes , a platform and blog that initiates projects, exhibitions, screenings and publications, to promote and showcase the work of emerging and more established photographers on the international scene.

Nathalie is very interested in the book format, and is on the editorial board of Crowdbooks.com, a crowdfunding platform for photobook publishing. In 2010, she curated a touring exhibition (Paris, Cologne, Stuttgart) for the launch of Street Photography Now published by Thames & Hudson.

As a reviewer, Nathalie is interested in seeing contemporary works made by photographers from around the world (documentary, narrative and conceptual) with a specific interest in photography that blurs the boundaries between Documentary and Fine Arts. She is less interested in traditional nudes, commercial work, travel, basic manipulation, single images. Nathalie is very keen to discuss fresh perspectives and ideas on presentation. She also coaches photographers and is able to give useful advice and recommendations.

Nathalie speaks English and French.


Linda Benedict-Jones (Reviewing 8 & 9 November only)
Curator of Photographs, Carnegie Museum of Art
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Linda Benedict-Jones became the first Curator of Photographs at the Carnegie Museum of Art in December 2008. She is now Curatorial Chair of Exhibitions & Curator of Photographs.

Before joining the Carnegie Museum of Art, Linda served as Executive Director of Silver Eye Center for Photography in Pittsburgh from 1999 – 2008.  Prior to this, she was Curator of Education at The Frick Art & Historical Center.  Additionally, she has taught the history of photography at Carnegie Mellon University since 1999.  Before moving to Pittsburgh, she was Curator of The Polaroid Collection in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The Carnegie Museum of Art's Department of Photography was created in 2008.  The Photography Collection comprises 4,500 prints; over 3,000 of which are images of Pittsburgh prior to 1960, including the work of photographers such as Lewis Hine, Edward Weston, Luke Swank, W. Eugene Smith, Margaret Bourke-White, Charles “Teenie” Harris and Duane Michals. 

Linda is currently working on a retrospective of the work of the internationally renowned Pittsburgh native, Duane Michals.  She is most interested in seeing work by people who have been directly or indirectly influenced by his photographs.

Linda is happy to review any kind of portfolio, and able to consider work for the museum photography collection and to a lesser extent for museum exhibitions.  She is also happy to inform emerging and mid-career photographers about exhibition possibilities at other institutions in the United States, particularly in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Linda speaks English, French and Portuguese.



Evgeny Berezner
Deputy Director, ROSIZO State Centre for Museums, Ministry of Culture
Moscow, Russia

At the ROSIZO State Museum and Exhibit on Centre (under the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation), Evgeny Berezner has served as Deputy Director General in charge of Photographic Projects and Collections since 1997, and additionally as Deputy Director of Photographic and Multimedia Projects since 2008. Since 2003, he has also served as Deputy Director in charge of Photographic and Multimedia Projects for the Moscow Museum of Modern Art.

Evgeny has been head of Photovisa International Festival of Photography in Krasnodar, Russia since 2010. He has also worked as Russian co-editor of IMAGO international photography magazine for over 15 years.

Evgeny has lectured in Bulgaria, Canada, Germany, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia and the USA. He was a scientific editor of the Russian section of encyclopaedia "The History of European Photography of XX century. Vol. 1. 1900-1939." Evgeny was an expert reviewer at international portfolio reviews held in Berlin, Bratislava, Houston, Madrid and Moscow.

Evgeny has curated over 250 exhibitions of contemporary and classical Russian and foreign photography held in Russia and other countries. These included «150 Years of Photography», Moscow, 1989; «The Art of Contemporary Photography: Russia. Ukraine. Belarus», Moscow, 1994; «Neue FotoKunst aus Russland» (in association with professor Manfred Schmmalriede), Germany, 1994 to 1995; Aufbruch: Die Neue Russische Fotografie (in association with Tina Schelhorn), Germany, 1998; «Propaganda and Dreams: Photographing the 1930s in the USSR and the US» (in association with Leah Bendavid-Val), USA-Russia, 1999 to 2001; «Russian Pictorial Photography. 1890 — 1990» (in association with Irina Chmyreva), USA-Russia-Slovakia, 2002 to 2003; «The Photographic History. 1850 — 1950. From the Collection of The Russian State Archive for Literature and Art», Moscow 2006 — Bratislava 2010; 25 exhibitions of contemporary and classical Russian photography on the International Festival of Photography in Bratislava, 1996 to 2010.

Evgeny is the head of In Support of Photography in Russia Project, a part of the Iris Foundation in Moscow, Russia. He was also the head of the International Portfolio Review in Moscow for Russian Photographers Project which took place in August - September 2011.

Evgeny is ranked among the three Russian curators of the main exhibition programme of International Biennial of Photography FotoFest 2012 in Houston, Texas, which is focused on contemporary Russian photography.

Evgeny Berezner is interested in all kinds, genres and schools of photography, as well as arts based on photography. He may offer participation in the projects founded and curated by him to artists who interest him.

Evgeny speaks English and Russian.


Bevin Bering Dubrowski
Executive Director, Houston Center for Photography
Houston, Texas, USA

Bevin Bering Dubrowski is Executive Director of the Houston Center for Photography (HCP). Founded in 1981, HCP is a nonprofit organization offering year-round exhibitions, workshops, publications, outreach programs, lectures, classes, and home to an on-site library housing more than 2,500 books on photography as well as a state of the art digital darkroom. HCP is always free and open to the public, bringing together a community of people interested in photography and lens-based work.

HCP's mission is to increase society's understanding and appreciation of photography and its evolving role in contemporary culture. HCP strives to encourage artists, build audiences, stimulate dialogue, and promote inquiry about photography and related media through education, exhibitions, publications, fellowship programs, and community collaboration.

Prior to HCP, Bevin Bering Dubrowski served as Director of Bering & James, a commercial gallery in Houston specializing in emerging and mid-career artists. She also works as a fine-art and commercial photographer, herself.

Ms. Bering Dubrowski speaks English and Spanish.


Anne Biroleau (Reviewing 7 November only)
Conservateur Général, BNF Bibliothèque nationale de France
Paris, France

Anne Biroleau has been in charge of the Collection of Contemporary Photography since 2002. Her full title in French is Conservateur général au département des Estampes et de la Photographie, Bibliothèque nationale de France.

Recent exhibitions she has curated:

Minot et Gormezano (2003) + catalog

Portraits/Visages (2003) + catalog

Stéphane Couturier. Mutations (2004) + catalog

Mario Giacomelli. Métamorphoses (2005)

Jean-Louis Garnell (2005)

Sebastiao Salgado. Territoires et vies (2005) + catalog

Roger Ballen (2006)

Carl de Keyzer. Trinity (2008)

La photographie américaine (2008) + catalog

John Batho (2009)

Michael Kenna. Rétrospective (2009) + catalog

La France de Raymond Depardon (September 2010)
France 14 (September 2010) + catalog

Upcoming: Joel Peter Witkin (2012)

Madame Biroleau speaks English and French.

Lars Boering
Lux Photo Gallery

Collector / Independent curator / Consultant / Teacher / Gallerist
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Lars Boering is an art dealer specialized in photography and owner of Lux Photo Gallery in Amsterdam, Netherlands.  He also works as the Managing Director of the Dutch Fotografen Federatie, safeguarding the copyright of photographers and helping them to improve their entrepreneurial skills.  Boering is a curator, and also an advisor to several artists and photographers about acquiring appropriate funding for projects.  He's involved in career management for photographers and will be teaching the Master class at Noorderlicht Photofestival 2011 with Marc Prüst (Paris-based curator).

Boering can offer a critical response to an artist’s work, career guidance, or both.  He responds to the photographer’s presentation, and then gives critique and advice accordingly.  Boering enjoys challenging the artist, and asking many questions.  His interests are broad: photo essays, book dummies, photojournalism, fine art photography.  Lars Boering’s preference is documentary photography: “It’s all about storytelling.”

Boering speaks Dutch, English, and German.



Jim Casper (Reviewing 9 November only)
Founder and Director, Lens Culture
Paris, France

Since early 2004, Jim Casper has edited and published Lens Culture, a popular online platform for international contemporary photography, attracting more than three million visitors per year from 50+ countries worldwide. In 2009, Casper launched the yearly Lens Culture International Exposure Awards, and a traveling group exhibition featuring 31 winners from that photo competition was shown at galleries in San Francisco, New York and Paris in 2011. In 2010, Lens Culture teamed up with FotoFest International to organize "Lens Culture FotoFest Paris”. Casper also produces a series of audio and video interviews, titled “Lens Culture Conversations with Photographers”. He serves on juries of several international photo competitions, curates shows, lectures, and writes about photography.

Several photographers whose work has first appeared in Lens Culture have since gained worldwide recognition, including new gallery representation, participation in solo and group exhibitions, promotion and profiles in high quality regional and international magazines and newspapers, commissions for new work, and sales of their artwork.

Jim Casper is especially interested in exploring contemporary photography and how it interacts and overlaps with other art forms, mass media, and world cultures. Lens Culture features the work of photographers from all continents and various points of view: documentary, fine art, photojournalism, multimedia, lyrical, personal, abstract, human, and street photography. Casper prefers “real” photography in all of its forms, and is not interested in reviewing work that involves a lot of digital manipulation or post-production.

Casper speaks English and limited French.



Irina Chmyreva
Photography Curator, Researcher, Russian Academy of Fine Arts
Moscow, Russia

Irina Chmyreva is a senior researcher in the Department of Russian Art of XX and XXI cc. in the State Research Institute of Art Theory and History of Russian Academy of Fine Arts. Irina is a member of international editorial boards of photography magazines European Photography (Germany), Fotografia Kwartalnik (Poland) and IMAGO (Slovakia). She has over two hundred publications in specialized photography magazines including FOTO&video, ZOOM (Russia), Aperture (USA), PHOTO (France), Multimedia Art (Poland) and Eyemazing (Netherlands). Irina is the author of the article on the history of Russian photography published in encyclopaedia "The History of European Photography of XX century. Vol. 1. 1900-1939." In addition, she has written many texts published in albums and monographs on the works of Russian and foreign artists.

Irina Chmyreva has been an assistant professor in the Department of Art Book Design at Moscow State University of Printing Arts since 1999.
She has curated a number of exhibitions (over 150) of contemporary and classical Russian photography and contemporary art in museums, centres of photography and the arts, as well as part of biennial programmes, including exhibitions held as part of International Biennial of Photography FotoFest in Houston, Texas, USA.

Irina was co-founder and art-director of 1st PANDUS Contemporary Art Festival in Moscow (2007), she has been art-director of Photovisa International Festival of Photography in Krasnodar, Russia from the establishment date of the festival (2008). She is also a curator of In Support of Photography in Russia Project, a part of the Iris Foundation in Moscow, Russia.

Irina was a curator of International Portfolio Review in Moscow for Russian Photographers Project which took place in August - September 2011. She is ranked among the three Russian curators of the main exhibition programme of International Biennial of Photography FotoFest 2012 in Houston, Texas, which is focused on contemporary Russian photography.

Irina is not interested in commercial portfolios and works created on commission from other institutions. She may provide assistance in editing current projects or advise a direction to continue the work including a direction to promote complete projects. If an artist’s photographs meet the concept of projects in development (a festival or an exhibition) she may invite him or her for collaboration in these projects.

Irina speaks English and Russian.

Bridget Coaker 

Picture Editor, Guardian and Observer newspapers
Director of Photography, Troika Editions

London, United Kingdom

Bridget Coaker is a picture editor based in London, where she works for the Guardian and Observer newspapers.  Bridget is also Director of Photography for the online contemporary photography gallery Troika Editions, which she founded in 2008. 

Bridget has curated a number of exhibitions.  In 2009 she was Director of the Hereford Photography Festival where she presented the photography of European photographers working with the image of the child in "Seen But Not Heard,” and curated the retrospective show of photojournalist and filmmaker John Bulmer. 

Bridget is a visiting lecturer at UK Universities, including the University for the Creative Arts, University of Derby and the Hereford College of Art.  In 2011 she joined the steering committee of the FORMAT International Photography Festival and participated in the North East Photography Network Symposium - Photography Publishing and the Future of the Photo-Book. Bridget has also written about photography, including for 1000 Words (online art photography magazine), as well as the art photography portal of The Daily Telegraph.

Bridget prefers to see work that is completed and is ready for publication or exhibiting.  It can be either journalistic or art-based, but it should be clear in its intent and purpose.  She also prefers to see prints rather than laptop slide shows, unless pertinent to the presentation of the work.  Her advice will center on the work shown with recommendations of how to take it forward through publication and/or exhibitions.  Bridget will also offer suggestions about social media and traditional forms of marketing projects.

Bridget speaks English.



Stephen Cohen
Owner, Stephen Cohen Gallery; Founder, photo l.a.
Los Angeles, California, USA

After many years as a private dealer of photography Stephen Cohen opened a public space, Stephen Cohen Gallery in Los Angles in 1992.  The gallery has presented both vintage, classic and contemporary photography and photo-based art.  As an undergraduate at Brooklyn College he majored in Fine Art (photography and sculpture) and Theater.  He received an MFA in Filmmaking from the University of Southern California.  He is an avid collector of photography monographs and is very interested in artist books.

In 1992 Mr. Cohen created photo l.a., the Annual International Los Angeles Photographic Art Exposition, which celebrates it’s 21st anniversary in January 2012.  He has produced 49 art fairs since then including artLA, photo santa fe, photo san francisco, photo new york, photo MIAMI and the first VERNACULAR photography fair in NYC in 1998.  He is a passionate supporter of photography and has participated in many portfolio reviews. 

Mr. Cohen prefers to see a tightly edited body of work, preferably one series, as opposed to multiple bodies of work.

Mr. Cohen speaks English.


Sara Distin
Group Director, Curation + Content, 20x200.com, Jen Bekman Gallery
New York, New York, USA

Sara Distin is Group Director of Curation and Content at 20x200, an online gallery under Jen Bekman Projects. She also oversees and participates on the panel for JBP’s photography competition, Hey, Hot Shot!, and collaborates with Jen Bekman Gallery to create innovative and diverse opportunities for artists.

Sara has worked with hundreds of photographers to create limited-edition prints for 20x200 and present and market their work online. Also an artist and writer, she earned an MFA in photography from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY in 2008.

Sara is interested in seeing fine art and documentary portfolios. She
can provide critical guidance, tools and feedback to artists looking
to refine and edit their work. Sara is especially good at offering the
kinds of advice and information that is usually absent from MFA programs—how to navigate galleries, build working relationships, and present and market your work to both traditional and new media audiences.

Sara speaks English.



Liza Fetissova (Reviewing 8 November only)
Director, RussianTeaRoom Gallery
Paris, France

Liza Fetissova is the Director of RussianTeaRoom Gallery in Paris, France. RussianTeaRoom, founded in 2007, was initially a gallery representing Russian photography in France. However, since November 2010, the gallery has been showing more and more international photographic work.

Liza has curated approximately 40 exhibitions both in France and abroad. Additionally, she has published two books and a dozen portfolios. Ms. Fetissova has also conducted seminars in both Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia, specifically on the issue of the photographic market.

In the past, Liza Fetissova has reviewed portfolios at Rencontres photographiques in Arles, France. More recently in 2011, she participated as a reviewer in the Encontros da Imagem portfolio reviews in Braga, Portugal.

Liza Fetissova is interested in unique and exceptional projects anchored in 20th century photography, as well as contemporary art projects that explore and search for a new photographic language.

Liza Fetissova speaks French, English and Russian.



Marc Feustel (Reviewing 7 & 9 November only)
Curator, Author and Publsiher, Studio Equis/ Eyecurious
Paris, France

Marc Feustel is an independent curator, writer, editor and blogger based in Paris, France. A specialist in Japanese photography, he is the author of Japan: a self-portrait, photographs 1945–1964 (Flammarion, 2004). Marc is also founding director of Studio Equis, an organization devoted to broadening access to the visual arts between different cultures, with a focus on the relationship between Japan and the West. Studio Equis works to travel exhibitions to and from Japan, and to create photographic projects in collaboration with galleries, museums and publishers.

Marc has curated several exhibitions including Japan A Self-Portrait, Photographs 1945-1964 (Setagaya Art Museum, Tokyo), Tokyo Stories (Kulturhuset, Stockholm) and Eikoh Hosoe: Theatre of Memory (Japanisches Kulturinstitut, Köln). He is a regular contributor to photography magazines including European Photography, Foam, Fantom, Images, Réponses Photo and VU MAG. Additionally, Marc works as a freelance editor for the major French publisher Flammarion on fine art and photography projects. He blogs about photography and photo-books on his blog, Eyecurious.

Marc is interested in photography that aims to engage with the world. He is not interested in commercial, fashion, or stock photography or in “classic” nudes. He can offer critical feedback, advice on promoting work. He is also able to recommend galleries, museums or publishers.


Taj Forer

Founding Editor, Daylight Magazine
New York, New York, USA

Taj Forer received his MFA in Photography from UNC-Chapel Hill (where he is currently a Lecturer in the Department of Art) and his BA from Sarah Lawrence College. Forer was a 2007-2008 Artist-in-Residence at the North Carolina Contemporary Art Museum and is a Founding Editor of Daylight Magazine, the international publisher of contemporary photography. Forer's photography has been published in two monographs, one by Kehrer Verlag (2011, Heidelberg, Germany) and the other by Charta Art Books (2007, Milano, Italy) and has appeared in numerous art and photography publications throughout the world. In 2008, PDN selected Forer as one of their "PDN 30" Photographers. His photographs can be found in private and public collections throughout the United States and Europe including those of The J. Paul Getty Museum (Los Angeles, CA), The North Carolina Museum of Art (Raleigh, NC), The Sir Elton John Collection (London, UK), The Mint Museum of Art (Charlotte, NC) and The Taubman Museum of Art (Roanoke, VA) among others. He is represented by Galeria Senda (Barcelona, Spain) and Flanders Gallery (Raleigh, NC, USA).

Taj is interested in reviewing any body of photographs engaging a compelling narrative, well-developed concept / personal insight and formal beauty. He is not interested in inadequately developed bodies of work, portfolios with poor print quality, portfolios produced by photographers uninterested in receiving criticism. He can offer informed, insightful response, critique and conversation surrounding carefully considered bodies of work. Consideration for book publications, editorial feature in magazine form and / or online and multimedia presentation. When appropriate, he will also recommend specific galleries, publishers, agencies, etc. for relevant bodies of work.

Taj speaks English.



Jens Friis
Assistant Director & Curator, Musseet for Fotokunst
Editor, KATALOG Journal of Photography & Video
Odense, Denmark

Jens Friis is the assistant director and curator of Museet for Fotokunst, a state-approved art museum specializing in contemporary photography since 1987. The museum has a collection of approximately 9000 art works of which a fraction is on permanent display on the 150m² 2nd floor. In addition 5-6 special exhibitions are mounted per year on the 400m² 1st floor. Since 2003 Mr. Friis has co-directed the photo festival FotoTriennale.dk – aka. Odense Photo Triennial – instigated by the museum in 2000. Since 1988 the museum has financed the English speaking periodical KATALOG - Journal of Photography and Video published 3 times per year with subscribers in more than 20 different countries. Now in its 23rd year, Mr. Friis has been the editor-in-chief since 2003. Mr. Friis has a MA in History of Art with special interest in photography from University of Aarhus, Denmark. Prior to his employment at Museet for Fotokunst he has been an active member of a Danish gallery and also worked in a commercial gallery in London. He has lectured in Visual Communication and History of Photography at the High School for Journalism in Aarhus and contributed to a book on Danish photographic history published in 2004.

Jens Friis is interested in all types of photography and visual media arts. He will discuss your work and might give you advice on how to develop as an artist. He may facilitate publication in the magazine KATALOG, exhibition in the Museet for Fotokunst and/or participation in future FotoTriennale.dk festivals.

Elda Harrington

Director, Encuentros Abiertos
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Elda Harrington is the Director of Encuentros Abiertos (Argentine’s Photofestival) since 1989 and the director of the Argentine School of Photography since 1987. She is also the president of Luz Austral Foundation, which is dedicated to promoting photography in Argentina. Ms. Harrington is an international curator.

Ms. Harrington is interested in reviewing innovative and new media bodies of works. She is not interested in reviewing commercial works. She can provide an opportunity for invitations to exhibit and participate in the Encuentros Abiertos-Festival of Light in Argentina.

Ms. Harrington is fluent in Spanish and English.


Elina Heikka
Museum Director, The Finnish Museum of Photography
Helsinki, Finland

Elina Heikka is Museum Director at The Finnish Museum of Photography in Helsinki, Finland. The Finnish Museum of Photography is a special national museum for photography founded in 1969. Museum's exhibitions feature Finnish and foreign contemporary photography and diverse history of photography.

Elina Heikka holds MA in Art History. She was editor and editor-in-chief in Valokuva Finnish Photography magazine from 1994 to1998. After that she worked as a researcher at the Finnish Museum of Photography and as a special researcher at the National Gallery / Central Art Archives from 2001 to 2007. She has published widely on contemporary photography, history of Finnish photography, contemporary art and visual culture. Since 1994 she has lectured extensively, for example, as a guest lecturer at the University of Art and Design (Taik) and at Turku Art Academy. She is a co-curator of a major exhibition of contemporary photography, Alice in Wonderland, taking place in Logomo (Turku, Finland), on exhibit until December 2011.

Elina Heikka is interested in contemporary photographic art, documentary projects, photojournalism and book projects, work in progress as well as finished projects.

Elina Heikka speaks English and French.

Magdalena Herrera

Director of Photography, GEO Magazine
Paris, France


Magdalena Herrera is a French citizen born in Havana, Cuba. Based in Paris, Herrera presently works as Director of Photography at GEO Magazine, France. She has been Art Director and Head of Photography at National Geographic, France, since the launch of the French edition in 1999. Herrera studied art history and aesthetics, earning an honors degree at the Sorbonne before starting her career as a photographer and graphic designer.

Magdalena Herrera teaches photojournalism at Sciences Po / École de journalisme, Paris. She has been a member of several international juries (World Press Photo, Prix AFJ-Canon de la femme photographe, Visa Pour l'image…), and acted as a tutor and supervisor at photographic seminars organized by World Press Photo Foundation in New Delhi, India and Manila, Philippines. She has also taught photojournalism workshops at Jamia Millia Islamia University in New Delhi.

Herrera is interested in any kind of photography. 
Her specific interests consist of photography in which people and their lives relate to a geographical, political, economical or social context. She is an excellent editor, particularly skilled at quickly pulling together a good, tight story, and a patient adviser. With first-class skills in layout and presentation, Herrera’s critiques aim to be positive and constructive. Magazines and books are her passion.

Herrera is fluent in English, French and Spanish.



Barbara Herrmann (Reviewing 7 & 8 November only)
Photo Editor, stern Magazine
Paris, France

Barbara Herrmann is the Paris Photo editor for stern, Germany’s largest weekly magazine. She began working for stern as a photographer in 1989, after graduating with a Master’s degree in visual communications. She soon became assistant to stern’s photo director.

In 1995, she moved to Hong Kong to build up the magazine’s Asian network of photographers and agencies and to open it’s Hong Kong office in preparation for the handover to China. In addition to her work for stern, she worked as a consultant to local media in China and as one of the photo editors for Time Asia between 2001-2004. She has conducted workshops and lectures in China, the Philippines and for World Press 2005 in Indonesia. Since 2008, Barbara has been based in Paris, working as photo editor for the entire stern group (stern, stern online, VIEW, NEON, YUNO, Gesund Leben, and Nido).

Barbara Herrmann is most interested in viewing journalistic and documentary work, either completed or in progress. She is also interested in portrait-based narratives. Barbara looks forward to sharing her experience about how to develop a project further and potential contacts for a publication, with the attending photographers at Lens Culture's Fotofest Paris.

Barbara speaks German, English and French.

Greg Hobson

Curator of Photographs at the National Media Museum
Bradford, United Kingdom

Greg Hobson is Curator of Photographs at the National Media Museum.  He regularly curates exhibitions, as well as securing acquisitions for the Museum’s Collection and running the Museum’s Fellowship in Photography and annual Photography Awards. Greg is actively involved in developing the program for the Museum’s plans for Media Space, a new venue for exciting exhibitions and events programs in London, UK.

Greg is interested in work that might contribute to the Museum’s exhibition program, or work suitable for acquisition. He is also able to offer advice on exhibition and publishing opportunities, particularly in the UK. He is especially interested in new approaches to documentary photography, as well as innovative investigations of applied and domestic photography. He would prefer not to review stock or commercial photography.

Karol Hordziej
Artistic Director, Photomonth in Krakow Festival
Board of Trustees, Foundation for Visual Arts
Director, ZPAF i S-KA Gallery

Krakow, Poland

Karol Hordziej has been Artistic Director of Photomonth in Krakow since 2005.  Running annually since 2002, the Photomonth festival is the biggest Polish annual photo festival, in addition to being one of the most established photo festivals worldwide.  Photomonth 2011 was guest-curated by Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin.

Mr. Hordziej is also curator and co-founder of Gallery ZPAF i S-KA in Krakow.  The gallery focuses on contemporary photography and video of emerging artists from Central Europe.  He has been teaching theory and critical study of photography in Krakow and Warsaw for three years.

Mr. Hordziej is interested in all kinds of original and well-presented photography.  He is not interested in seeing commercial photography.  He can provide the opportunity of exhibiting during Photomonth, as well as opportunities for exposition in several galleries in Poland.  The Foundation for Visual Arts is also interested in supporting new projects that could be shown or premiered in Krakow.

Mr. Hordziej speaks English and Polish.


Bill Kouwenhoven
International Editor, HotShoe magazine
Berlin, Germany

Bill Kouwenhoven is International Editor of HotShoe magazine and contributes to other photography journals in the United States, England and Europe including Afterimage, Aperture, British Journal of Photography, Photonews, Foto, European Photography, and Camera Austria. He is the author of several small monographs, and the major survey of contemporary Spanish Photography and Video, Nuevas Historias. He lives and works in Berlin and New York.

Bill is especially interested in documentary and photojournalism oriented work as well as compelling work addressing contemporary issues whether abstract or concrete. He is not interested in commercial or fashion related work, but can always be persuaded by the quality and strength of vision expressed by the photographer in any genre.

Bill is looking for well-edited portfolios to include in the magazines to which he contributes or edits as well as for the purposes of nominating work for other photography festivals. Mr. Kouwenhoven brings an experience of over 15 years in photography and a thorough knowledge of contemporary practice, gallery tastes, and publishing.

Bill speaks English, German, Spanish and some French.

Christophe Laloi
Artistic Director, Voies Off
Arles, France

Christophe Laloi graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la photographie d’Arles, France in 1996, with a Master’s in Art History.  He found his calling in the discovery of emerging photography and in the support of young artists.  In 1996 he founded the Voies Off Festival at the Rencontres d’Arles, where he continues to act as Artistic Director and Director of Programming.  In this role, he selects more than 60 artists each year from five continents.  He is a key member of the jury for the Prix Voies Off. 

Laloi organizes portfolio reviews, meetings between photographers and expert reviewers, as well as a variety of exhibitions.  Concurrently between 2000-2005, he undertook creative activities in the areas of scenography, installation and the projection of photography.  He has been a lecturer at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie d’Arles for ten years, where he follows up on the personal work of the participants at evening lessons. Four years ago he also founded a professional digital printing laboratory for contemporary photography in Arles.

In 2007 Laloi opened the Galerie Voies Off.  This exposition space exhibits emerging and established photographers throughout each year.

Jason Landry
Owner and Director, Panopticon Gallery
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

 The gallery represents established and emerging photographers, with a primary focus on developing and expanding their careers.

Landry received a M.F.A. in Visual Arts from The Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University and his B.F.A. in Photography from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design.  He brings over 20 years of business management and fine art photography experience to the gallery.  Before acquiring the gallery in 2010, he worked at the Photographic Resource Center at Boston University in various capacities including their Education Manager, Programs and Operations Manager, and a member of their Board of Directors.

Mr. Landry is interested in reviewing portfolios that focus on unique and interesting uses of portraiture, nudes and figure studies, personal projects, and photo book projects.  He is also very interested in intimate photo-based objects, as well as Polaroids.  He is not interested in reviewing commercial, advertising or studio-based work.

Mr. Landry speaks English.


Patricia Lanza
Director of Talent & Content, The Annenberg Space for Photography
Los Angeles, California, USA

Patricia Lanza is Director of Talent and Content for this new multi-million dollar center of photography, which opened in 2009.  The Annenberg Space for Photography is a cultural destination dedicated to exhibiting both digital and print photography in an intimate environment.  The space features state-of-the-art, high-definition digital technology as well as traditional prints by some of the world's most renowned photographers, as well as emerging photographic talents.

The venue, an initiative of the Annenberg Foundation and its trustees, is the first solely photographic cultural destination in the Los Angeles area, and it creates a new paradigm in the world of photography.

Seamless 7’ x 14’ glass screens and ultra high-definition, rear-projection imaging systems are used to display photography with stunning clarity and saturation.  The screens provide 4k resolution that exceeds the level offered by Blu-Ray.  In addition to providing professional photographers a long sought after level of image quality, and displaying their art in the best light possible, it also allows for the display of thousands of images in a comparatively small location.

Under the directorship of Wallis Annenberg and the trustees of the Annenberg Foundation, Patricia Lanza implements and assists in the development of programming and exhibitions.  Her career began at the National Geographic Society where she was a photographic researcher, photo editor and contract photographer for eight years.  Lanza's experience includes working for a variety of editorial and commercial clients, and assignments to 48 countries.  She was also a contract photographer and writer for the Herald Tribune Syndicate.

Patricia speaks English.



Jean-Claude Lemagny (Reviewing 7 & 8 November only)
Conservateur Général Honoraire, Bibliothèque nationale de France
Paris, France

Jean-Claude Lemagny is a professor of history and holds a graduate degree in archeology. He joined the department of Prints and Photography at the Bibliotheque nationale de France in 1963 as a Conservateur spécialiste. First in charge of art books, then French engraving of the eighteenth century, he taught History of Engraving at the Ecole du Louvre. He was named Conservateur de la Photographie in 1968 and held the position continuously until 1996.

Curator of numerous expositions, both of engraving and photography, he established La Galerie de Photographie of the Bibliotheque nationale, which, between 1971 and 1996 presented nearly 200 exhibitions. Several catalogs were published for these exhibitions, and Jean-Claude Lemagny has written numerous articles on the history as well as the aesthetics of the medium.

Mr. Lemagny speaks English and French.

Dewi Lewis

Publisher, Dewi Lewis Publishing
London, United Kingdom

Founded in 1994 Dewi Lewis Publishing is one of the foremost international photographic publishers.  Its authors have included leading British and international photographers such as William Klein, Martin Parr, Simon Norfolk, Anders Petersen, Fay Godwin, Tom Wood, Sergio Larrain, Frank Horvat, Paolo Pellegrin and Bruce Gilden.  The aim of the company is to bring accessible but challenging contemporary photography to the attention of a wider public, by both established and lesser known practitioners.  It works in close collaboration with a number of European publishers and is a founding member of The European Publishers Award for Photography.  Dewi Lewis was appointed an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society in 2004 and, in November 2009, he was awarded the inaugural Royal Photographic Society Award for Outstanding Service to Photography.

Dewi Lewis is interested in seeing any work suitable for publication in book form that has the potential to generate reasonable interest from a book-buying audience.  The company does not publish nude or advertising photography.  Dewi Lewis can offer photographers a realistic understanding of the world market for photography books.  The company's titles are sold worldwide and he is in regular contact with distributors, booksellers and media organizations throughout the world.

Dewi Lewis speaks English.


Rebecca McClelland
Photography Editor, Associate Lecturer and Deputy Director, Newstatesman magazine
Deputy Director, The Ian Parry Scholarship

United Kingdom

Rebecca McClelland is NewStatesman magazine's first Photography Editor tasked with overseeing the visual content of the newly redesigned magazine. She has worked on editorials in London for the last 12 years, starting her career as a photography editor at the Sunday Times magazine and continuing to edit the picture desks at the Evening Standard, Wallpaper* Magazine and Art World magazine, where she also directed a series of interviews between photographers like Paul Graham, Edward Burtynsky, Antoine D’Agata & Tom Hunter. Since 2000, Rebecca has held the position of Deputy Director of The Ian Parry Scholarship, an award for emerging photojournalists and documentary photographers. Her goal has been to raise the profile of the scholarship and its winners to international levels through the curation of an annual print exhibition at the Getty Images gallery and through mentoring the photographers. She is also Associate Lecturer at UCA Farnham specialising in professional practice and in her spare time she regularly participates on international photography panels, awards and festivals.



Jeff Moorfoot
Festival Director, Ballarat International Foto Biennale
Ballarat, Australia

Jeff Moorfoot comes from a background of commercial photography, with 15 years experience in the advertising/commercial/annual report sector. In addition to significant shooting experience, Jeff spent many years in photographic education lecturing to graphic design, advertising and photography students at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia.

Jeff is a Master Photographer V, Fellow and Honorary Life member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography. He is also the co-organiser of the Galeria Bezdomna in Australia, founder of the free radical photography group, and the founder and Festival Director of the Ballarat International Foto Biennale.

Jeff is interested in reviewing all styles of photography, but is especially interested in conceptually strong portfolios that demonstrate a well-developed personal signature. He is also looking forward to seeing works that may be potentially suitable for inclusion at the next Ballarat International Foto Biennale in 2013.

Jeff speaks English.



Andreas Müller-Pohle
Artist, Publisher and Editor of European Photography Magazine
Berlin, Germany

Andreas Müller-Pohle is a Berlin-based media artist and the publisher and editor of European Photography, the international art magazine for contemporary photography and new media. He also publishes photographic monographs and the European Photography Guide. In 2005, he founded Eye-Mind, an individual reviewing/consulting initiative for photographers.

Mr. Müller-Pohle has worked with photography and media projects since 1978, the most recent being "The Danube River Project" and "Hong Kong Waters." He has had numerous exhibitions in Europe, North and South America, and Asia. In 2001 he was awarded the Reind M. De Vries Foundation European Photography Prize. From 1997 to 2004 he was visiting professor at the Higher Institute of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Belgium.

Mr. Müller-Pohle is mainly interested in seeing works that deal with our contemporary condition, no matter which subject or style, and conceptual multi-media projects. As a publisher and main partner of the international Photobook Festival in Kassel, Germany, he is particularly interested in reviewing book dummies. He does not wish to review commercial or decorative work. He can offer photographers the possibility of publishing their work in his magazine, print and online, and also suggest venues with publication opportunities in Europe.


Maria Patomella
Curator, Fotografiska
Stockholm, Sweden

Maria Patomella is a curator at Fotografiska, the Swedish Museum of Photography in Stockholm, Sweden. Previously she served as curator for three years at Kulturhuset, or "culture house," situated in center of the city of Stockholm. During the course of her career Ms. Patomella has curated a number of exhibitions including Albert Watson (2011), Tomoko Sawada (2010), Miwa Yanagi (2010), Shirin Neshat (2009) to name only a few.

Maria Patomella has a Bachelor of Arts in Art History and Media and Communications Science. She is interested in various photographic genres, especially contemporary documentary photography and the work of young and emerging photographers. She is not interested in reviewing commercial work. Ms. Patomella will be reviewing for potential future exhibitions at Fotografiska.



Alexandre Percy
Manager and Co-owner, ACTE2Galerie
Paris, France

Alexandre Percy manages and co-owns ACTE2Galerie in Paris, France. The gallery of contemporary photography was founded by Percy and partner Renaud Bergonzo in 2000. ACTE2Galerie is a financially independent exhibition space for alternative photographic work that steps outside of the boundaries of humanist photography with a desire to show new forms and styles of photography and to educate.

Alex has contributed many articles to diverse book publications and magazines. He has also interviewed artists from all over the world. Based on his professional background and expertise in the field of photography, Alex serves as an advisor for many major collections.

Alex Percy is open to contemporary subjects in photography and offers his positive vision on personal works, self-portraiture, portraits, nudes and landscapes for exhibition or publication purposes in France and internationally.



Marc Prüst
Artistic Director, LagosPhoto Festival, Nigeria
Curator and Photography Consultant
Paris, France

As an independent curator, Marc Prüst creates and proposes exhibitions for several festivals and organizations. He is the artistic director of the first and only photography festival in Nigeria, LagosPhoto. Marc has also been one of three curators of FotoGrafia festival in Rome since 2010, and will continue to curate this festival in the fall of 2011 and 2012. He also regularly, and with success, suggests exhibition proposals to museums and galleries such as the Kunsthal in Rotterdam, Lux Gallery in Amsterdam, or the Noorderlicht Gallery in Groningen. Marc is also a nominator for the PrixPictet.

Marc lectures Visual Identity at Spéos Photographic School in Paris, has set up the Northern Lights Masterclass for documentary photography, and has edited several photobooks. Marc seeks to support documentary photographers around the world.

Prüst is especially interested in photojournalism and social documentary photography, and is not interested in reviewing conceptual art work.

Christopher Rauschenberg
Board Chair, Exhibition Committee, Blue Sky Gallery
Portland, Oregon , USA

Christopher Rauschenberg is co-curator and board chairman of Blue Sky Gallery in Portland, Oregon.  Blue Sky was established in 1975 by Mr. Rauschenberg and 4 other photographers.  Since then, Mr. Rauschenberg has co-curated 701 solo exhibitions by 596 different artists.  He has edited and produced over 60 publications.  Mr. Rauschenberg has been a photographer since 1973 and has had 99 solo shows of his own work in seven countries.

Blue Sky Gallery is a non-profit artists' space that produces about 25 solo exhibitions per year and an occasional group show every couple of years.  They produce catalogs that reproduce 6 images from each show.  Their focus and passion is on promoting emerging artists.  Over the last 7 years, they have done solo shows by 56 photographers from FotoFest.

While Mr. Rauschenberg likes to look at everything, Blue Sky does not tend to exhibit classic nudes, traditional portraits or scenic photography.  The landscapes and portraits the gallery exhibits tend to have documentary and sociological content.  Visit the website (above) to get a sense of what Blue Sky exhibits.

Arianna Rinaldo
Photo Consultant, D Magazine
Director, OjodePez
Freelance Curator

Milan, Italy

Arianna Rinaldo is a freelance professional working with photography on many levels. She is currently consultant photo editor at D, the weekend supplement of Italy’s main newspaper La Repubblica. She is also the Director of Ojodepez, an international documentary photography magazine published quarterly by LaFabrica, Madrid.

Arianna’s relationship with photography started in 1998 in New York, when she became Archive Director at Magnum Photos.  In 2001, she worked as picture editor for Colors magazine in Italy.

Since 2004, when she moved to Milan, Arianna has been a freelance curator for exhibits and book projects, as well as a photo consultant.  She collaborates with major publishing houses for special projects, offering editorial consulting and research.  Every year she is on several portfolio review panels worldwide, and a jury member in various contests, including World Press Photo’s contest.

Arianna is open to seeing a variety of work.  Her main interest is documentary photography and reportage with a contemporary touch suitable for either publication or exhibition.  Long-term projects are highly valued.  Staged realities are intriguing.  Any type of work that tells a story is welcome.



Tina Schelhorn
Founding Director, Galerie Lichtblick
Cologne, Germany

Tina Schelhorn is the founding director of Galerie Lichtblick, Cologne, which is celebrating its 25th year as a non-profit organization for contemporary photography that has presented over 200 exhibitions. She organized the festival Internationale Fotoszene Köln (1990-1996), curated and organized the festival Internationale Fototage Herten (1995-2001) with International Prize for Young Photojournalism and in 2005, curated Internationale Fototage Mannheim/ Ludwigshafen with 140 exhibitions, among which 85 were on Contemporary American Photography. From 1996 to 2006, she was on the Board of Directors of DGPH, the German Society of Photography, head of the Image Section and responsible for exhibitions of the Dr. Erich Salomon Prize, Otto-Steinert-Preis and Culture Award on photokina and symposia on photography like: Ist die Photographie am Ende? (Is photography dead?) in 2000.

Tina also has been a freelance curator for Aufbruch - neue russische Fotografie; L. Fritz Gruber - homage to his 90th birthday; Tokyo Shock; Split View for Art Basel; Mistigris – 20 German Photographers for University of Texas/ Dallas and China Stories for Cambridge University/UK. She was the Featured Speaker at SPE conferences and a lecturer in various Universities in USA.

Tina has been a portfolio reviewer and has exchanged exhibitions with international festivals, including: Arles/France, Braga/Portugal, Houston/USA, Madrid/Spain, Milano/Italy, Noorderlicht/Netherlands, Odense/Denmark, Perpignan/France, Plovdiv/Bulgaria, Portland/USA, Sunsdvall/Norway, Birmingham/UK, Sao Paulo/Brazil, Tampere/Finland, Lodz/Poland, South Korea, Budapest/Hungary, Athens/Greece, Vienna/Austria and Tbilisi/Georgia.

Tina is a founding member of Festival of Light and European Festivalunion, Member of Oracle - International Photocurators, and Critical Mass Pre, and she has been a Reviewer since its beginning. She has published numerous books and catalogues and has written widely on photography. Her websites and exhibition projects Images against War (since 2003) and Images against Walls (since 2009) feature more than 800 international photographers.

Tina speaks English and German.

Maarten Schilt
Schilt Publishing
Amsterdam, The Netherlands / London, United Kingdom / Portland, Oregon, USA

Maarten Schilt is a publisher of high profile mainly journalistic, documentary and reportage photo books, though his list also contains art photography books.  Schilt has been leading publisher of the World Press Photo Yearbook since 2008. In 2011, Schilt also became the leading publisher of Next, an annual publication. This new book shows the work of the selected photographers for the World Press Photo Joop Swart Masterclass.

Schilt is a portfolio reviewer at esteemed photo festivals all over the world.  Starting in 2010, Schilt co-publishes the catalogues of Fotofest, Houston.  He is also a member of the International Advisory Council to the Executive Director of Center, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Photographers published or being published by Schilt Publishing are, amongst others: Dave Anderson, Jonas Bendiksen, Damion Berger, Jodi Bieber, Marcus Bleasdale, Heidi Bradner, Kate Brooks, Sergey Chilikov, Carl De Keyzer, Thomas Dworzak, Rena Effendi, Jason Eshkenazi, Lucia Ganieva, George Georgiou, Arlene Gottfried, Stanley Greene, Harry Gruyaert, Lorena Guillén Vaschetti, Jane Hilton, Yaakov Israel, Ata Kandó, Oleg Klimov, Robert Knoth, Yuri Kozyrev, Josef Koudelka, Ferit Kuyas, Kadir van Lohuizen, Heather McClintock, Jenny Matthews, Valeri Nistratov, Martin Parr, Paolo Pellegrin, Irina Popova, Suzan van de Roemer, Elliot Ross, Michelle Sank, Lana Šlezic, Monique Stauder, Carin Verbruggen, Alex Webb, Donald Weber, Sophie Zenon.

Ingram Publisher Services distributes Schilt Publishing in North America. Thames & Hudson distributes the books in all other countries of the world.

Schilt is fluent in English, German and Dutch, with some knowledge of French and Italian.

Aaron Schuman 

Photographer, Writer, Curator, and Founding Editor of SeeSaw Magazine
United Kingdom 


Aaron Schuman is an American photographer, editor, writer and curator based in the United Kingdom. He has exhibited his photographic work internationally, and has contributed photography, articles, essays and interviews to publications such as Foam, Aperture, Photoworks, ArtReview, Modern Painters, Hotshoe International, The British Journal of Photography, Creative Review, The Guardian, The Telegraph and The Sunday Times. Schuman was the curator of "Whatever Was Splendid: New American Photographs", one of the principal exhibitions at the 2010 FotoFest Biennial. Most recently, he curated "Other I: Vivian Sassen, WassinkLundgren, Alec Soth" for Hotshoe Gallery (London, 11 October- 27 November 2011).

Schuman is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Brighton and the Arts University College at Bournemouth. He is also the founder, director and editor of the online photography journal, SeeSaw Magazine.

Schuman is open to a wide variety of photographic images, contexts and approaches. At the upcoming Lens Culture FotoFest Paris 2011, he is specifically interested in reviewing what might be described as "self-initiated" or "personal" work, by both emerging and established photographers.
 Schuman can offer informed criticism, constructive guidance, and potential opportunities for review, publication and exhibition, both within the UK and internationally.

Schuman speaks English.

Ellen-K Syverstad (Reviewing 9 November only)
Co-founder, PUG gallery and museum; Risør Photography Festival, Norway
Oslo, Norway

Ellen-K Syverstad acts as an art dealer of internationally acclaimed artists and specializes in contemporary photography through her company ellen-k FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY.

She is co-founder of PUG [Pop Up Gallery], a company that creates exhibitions & events where contemporary photography is the main form of artistic expression. PUG focuses on showcasing photography that demonstrates creative integrity and intent with the highest level of craftsmanship as an important criteria. The co-owners, Ellen-K. Syverstad and Anette Skuggedal, are passionate about bringing the work of established artists as well as new talent to the public’s attention, where the strength of the photographic image is the core of their vision. The PUG exhibitions are held in a diversity of spaces, such as an abandoned factory building or an auction house, where the artwork challenges the space.

Ellen-K is on the artistic board of Risør Photofestival, a biannual festival focusing on Scandinavian contemporary photography.

Ellen-K is most interested in viewing contemporary and developed bodies of work covering diverse issues. She is not interested in reviewing commercial photography.



Barbara Tannenbaum 
 (Reviewing 8 & 9 November only)
Curator of Photography, Cleveland Museum of Art
Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Barbara Tannenbaum became curator of photography at the Cleveland Museum of Art in August 2011.  For the previous 26 years, she led the curatorial efforts at the Akron Art Museum, where she had organized over 85 exhibitions and grew the photography collection from 500 to over 2,500 works.  Her exhibitions include the first large-scale international exhibition chronicling women’s historic achievements in fine art photography, co-curated with Naomi Rosenblum, and the 1991 Ralph Eugene Meatyard retrospective, co-curated with David Jacobs.

Dr. Tannenbaum has authored numerous publications including major books on Ralph Eugene Meatyard (Rizzoli) and on the Akron Art Museum’s collection, and lectured throughout the U.S. and in Canada and China.  She guided the selection process for the Akron Art Museum Knight Purchase Prize for Photographic Media, which honors those who have made a major contribution to the photographic arts, and serves on the Photolucida National Advisory Board and the Board of Trustees of ICA Art Conservation.  Her recent projects include Detroit Disassembled: Photographs by Andrew Moore, solo exhibitions of Helen Levitt, Herman Leonard, Patrick Nagatani and Andrew Borowiec, and a show commemorating the 30th anniversary of Lee Friedlander’s Factory Valleys photographs.

Dr. Tannenbaum has advice and guidance to offer and looks forward to discussing exhibition and book projects still in their development phase.  She is interested in seeing many different kinds of work, but prefers not to review photography that is primarily commercial in nature. Nudity is okay as long as it is truly at the service of artistic expression.

Dr. Tannenbaum speaks English and French.



Natalia Tarasova (Reviewing alongside Evgeny Berezner & Irina Chmyreva)
Curator of exhibitions of contemporary photography
Moscow, Russia

Since the mid-1990's, Natalia Tarazova has curated a number of exhibitions of contemporary and classical national and international photography, as well as contemporary art, in both Russia and abroad. She is an editor of art catalogues and books and assistant professor in photography art department of Moscow State University of Culture and Arts.

Natalia is currently a curator of both Photovisa International Festival of Photography in Krasnodar, Russia, and In Support of Photography in Russia Project, as part of the Iris Foundation in Moscow, Russia.

Recently, Natalia served as a curator of International Portfolio Review in Moscow for Russian Photographers Project which took place in August - September 2011. Additionally Natalia is ranked among the three Russian curators of the main exhibition programme of International Biennial of Photography FotoFest 2012 in Houston, Texas, which is focused on contemporary Russian photography.

In contemporary photography, Natalia is most interested in experiments with light. She is interested in works that involve the use of photography in other art mediums, and the application of methods and techniques of other arts in photography. She is particularly interested in the works of emerging artists.

Natalia would like to see new approaches to photographic portraits. She is willing to review both finished photographic series and individual photographs.

Natalia speaks Russian.



Charles H. Traub & Randy West (Reviewing 7 November only)
MFA Photography Video & Related Media Department, School of Visual Arts
New York, New York, USA

Charles H. Traub is Chair of the MFA Photography, Video and Related Media Department at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. He holds an MS degree from the Institute of Design at the Illinois Institute of Technology, and a BA degree from the University of Illinois.

A founding chairperson of the Photography Department at Columbia College in Chicago, he also organized the development of its prestigious museum, the Museum of Contemporary Photography. Formerly the director of the prestigious Light Gallery of New York, he is now President of the Aaron Siskind Foundation for support of creative photography. He is one of the co-founders of here is new york: a democracy of photographs, which received the Brendan Gill Award of the Municipal Arts Society, Cornell Capa Infinity Award, and a Distinguished Service Award from the Children’s Aid Society of New York.

Charles is currently represented by Gitterman Gallery in New York, and his forthcoming books, Objects of My Creation, and Still Life in America, are due out in 2011. He speaks English.

Randy West is faculty and director of operations of the MFA Photography, Video and Related Media Department at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. He holds a MFA degree from California Institute of the Arts and a BFA degree from Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana.

Mr. West began his career in the late 1980s in Los Angeles. He is currently represented by Bruce Silverstein Gallery in New York. His work has been included in exhibitions at the San Diego Contemporary Art Museum, Queens Museum, Cornell Fine Arts Museum, International Academy of Fine Arts, Salzburg, Austria, and the U.S. Federal Reserve, Washington D.C.

Images from various series are represented in Lyle Rexer’s "The Edge of Vision: The Rise of Abstraction in Photography" (Aperture magazine), Gottfried Jäger’s "Concrete Photography" and the Center for Creative Photography, Tucson, "Seachange." He has published two monographs Bird Rabbit Snake (2005) and The Pleasure Principle (1994). His forthcoming book I Never Promised You Anything will be published in the spring of 2012.

Mr. West is not open to seeing commercial portfolios. He speaks English.



Charlotte van Lingen (Reviewing Wednesday 9 November only)
Curator, The Kunsthal Rotterdam
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

As an art historian and curator, Charlotte van Lingen works in the fields of fine arts, (graphic) design and visual culture. She is specialized in documentary and storytelling photography. Serving at Kunsthal Rotterdam (since 2002 onward), she curated over a hundred smaller and bigger shows, fifty of which focusing on photography. Previously Charlotte was co-founder of Casco (now Casco, office for Art, Design and Theory), Utrecht; worked as a coordinator at the graphic design department of the Jan van Eyck Academy, Maastricht; ran her own design and applied arts gallery, Amersfoort; and was head of the art lease centre of The Beyerd museum, Breda.

At Rem Koolhaas’ Kunsthal Rotterdam, Charlotte is part of a small artistic staff that organizes approximately 20/25 exhibitions each year. The programme mainly focuses on fine arts, (graphic) design and photography. It aims at being flexible, in order to immediately jump on topical developments and unexpected possibilities. The exhibition spaces vary from 110 to 1250 square meters. Per annum the Kunsthal draws an audience of on average 200.000 visitors.

Picture editor and editor in chief of several books, Charlotte van Lingen recently served as a guest lecturer for the Noorderlicht Master Class in September of 2011, on the composition and structure of a photographic image, and how to read a photograph.

Charlotte is interested in storytelling photography, not in commercial work.



Wendy Watriss
Co-Founder, FotoFest
Houston, Texas, USA

Wendy Watriss is a photographer, curator, journalist, and writer. She is one of the founders of FotoFest, the internationally known photographic arts and education organization based in Houston, Texas. She has served as FotoFest's artistic director since 1991.

Watriss began her professional career as a reporter and writer for national newspapers in the U.S. and later became a producer of news documentaries for national public television in New York. From 1970 to 1992, she worked internationally as a professional photographer. In her editorial and photojournalistic work, she has covered the 1968 political upheavals in East and Central Europe, the effects of drought in the African Sahel, civil wars in Nicaragua and El Salvador, the lives of U.S. veterans of the Vietnam War affected by the herbicide Agent Orange, and the political history of Texas’ cultural frontiers. Her photographic work has been published and exhibited around the world, and she is the recipient of numerous international awards for her photography.

Watriss is the author of numerous essays on international politics as well as photography. She is the editor/producer of the bilingual book Image and Memory, Photography from Latin America 1866–1994, which received the American Publisher Association's Art Book of the Year Award (1999), the Golden Light Award for the Best Photography Book of the Year (1998), and appeared on Choice's 35th Annual Outstanding Academic Books list (1998). She co-authored the book Coming to Terms, The German Hill Country of Texas (Texas A&M University Press, 1991).

Watriss has worked extensively in Latin America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. As curator and artistic director for FotoFest, Watriss has organized exhibits from Europe, Latin America, Asia, Africa, and the U.S.

Watriss is fluent in English, French and Spanish.

Joanne Junga Yang
Y&G Art; Seoul Photo Festival
Seoul, Korea

Joanne Junga Yang is a director of Y&G Art Global contemporary project, an agency specializing in the exchange of fine art photography, as well as the finding and introducing of contemporary artists around the world to the Asian public.  Y&G Art is an international project based on the concept of Korea’s first art photography agency collaborating with galleries, museums, festivals, and magazines.  Joanne is also a curator of Seoul Photo Festival, Korea's annual leading international contemporary festival of photography in Seoul. 

Joanne has contributed many articles to diverse magazines, interviewed international artists, and introduced their work to the Korean media, based on her professional background and expertise in the field of photography.  She has worked with Point, the Asian contemporary art magazine, as a chief editor and Korean Monthly Photography, which is the most authoritative and influential monthly photography magazine in Korea as a guest editor. 

Exploiting her networks within the Korean art media, Joanne is able to promote artists and their work through Korean magazines and journals, providing them with an opportunity to hold their exhibitions. Joanne is most interested in viewing contemporary and developed bodies of work covering diverse issues.  She is not interested in reviewing commercial photography.

Joanne is fluent in English and Korean.